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January 2010
The Semmes Camp held it's anuual Lee-Jackson Dinner on Saturday January 23rd in Farmington Hills Michigan.
The event was well attended and enjoyed by all.
September 2009
A Confederate Heritage violation resulted in a SCV rally in Ironton Ohio on the Ohio River. On Saturday Sept 26, SCV members from Indiana, Kentucky, Ohio, Michigan & North Carolina marched to city hall to protest the exclusion of the Confederate flag from the city Memorial Day parade. 
Approximately thirty-five dedicated men, women & children marched in a day long rain storm to the steps of city hall where the various Division Commanders spoke about the bravery & sacrifices of our Confederate ancestors. Our Confederate ancestors were granted U.S. veteran status by an act of Congress in the 1950's, this status was ignored by parade organizers. Darron Williams from the Semmes Camp attended to represent Michigan.
August 2009
The Semmes Camp had a picnic hosted by Compatriot Gary Pike in Waterford Michigan.
There was a camp meeting followed by good conversation and good food, each member bringing a dish or two to pass.  
Our thanks to the Pike's for hosting this event.
July 2009
The Semmes Camp has purchased a third brick for the Confederate Memorial Park project at Point Lookout Maryland.
The brick will be inscribed with the name Joseph E. Phelps, a Private in  Company G of the 47th North Carolina Infantry. 
Joseph E. Phelps, a collateral ancestor of Compatriot Darron Williams, enlisted March 5 1862. He was wounded and captured at Petersburg VA. on Oct. 27 1864. He was imprisoned at Point Lookout MD on Oct. 31 1864.
June 2009
The Semmes Camp has donated enough money to again purchase a brick, our second, for the Confederate Memorial Park project at Point Lookout Maryland.
The brick will be inscribed with the name Furney F. Flowers, a Corporal with Company H of the 1st North Carolina Cavalry.
Furney F. Flowers, a collateral ancestor of camp member Darron Williams, enlisted on June 20 1861 & was captured at Amelia Courthouse on April 3 1865. He was subsequently imprisoned at Point Lookout MD until released in June 1865.
Johnson's Island Ohio
Members of Admiral Raphael Semmes Camp 1321 honored Confederate dead at Johnson's Island Ohio on Memorial Day, Monday May 25th. Confederate Battle Flags were placed at each grave.
The cemetery had many visitors throughout the day and the locals were very appreciative of our efforts. 
Luncheon & Memorial Service
UDC Stars & Bars Chapter 2073 of Detroit held their annual brunch & memorial service, on Sunday May 17 2009.
Semmes Camp members & guests were in attendance.
Camp Meeting
The next Semmes Camp meeting will be held on Saturday May 9th at 2 p.m. in Canton MIchigan. Contact us for information.
March 30 2009
The Semmes Camp has purchased a brick for the Confederate Memorial Park Project at Point Lookout Maryland. Point Lookout was the largest Confederate prison camp during the War for Southern Independence. 
The memorial brick will be inscribed with the name Thomas T. Grant, a Confederate soldier in Company H of the 22nd Virgina Infantry. 
Thomas T. Grant was the first cousin of Union Commanding General Ulysses S. Grant.
Thomas T. Grant died as a prisoner of war at Point Lookout Maryland.
Thank you to the following camp members for their contribution to this effort:
Adam Gaines, Gary Stevens, Darron Williams, Stanley White, Bill Chambless.
Contributions of any amount are greatly appreciated and may be sent to camp commander Stanley White 520 East Peninsula Ct. Oxford MI 48371.
Please make your check out to Admiral Semmes Camp 1321 & in your check memo field write in "Memorial Brick Program".
2009 Lee - Jackson Dinner Scheduled
 Adm. Raphael Semmes SCV Camp 1321 will be hosting their annual Lee - Jackson Dinner on Saturday January 17 2009 in Farmington Hills Michigan. Please contact us for information.

UDC Sponsored Lee - Jackson Dinner a success
On Sunday October 14 2007, members of Adm. Raphael Semmes SCV Camp 1321 attended the 14th annual Lee-Jackson Dinner which was sponsored by the Michigan Chapter of the United Daughters of the Confederacy, Stars and Bars Chapter 2073.
Held at The Dearborn Michigan Historical Museum, the dinner was well attended with every table and chair filled at the event. A delicious, southern-style, home cooked meal was provided for those in attendance.
Michigan UDC Chapter President Sharon Bledsoe honored three Semmes Camp members with military service medals; Montie Ocha was awarded the Cross of Military service. Bill Chambless & David Finney were each awarded National Defense Medals. David Finney was also awarded The Jefferson Davis Gold Historical Medal for the teaching & preservation of Southern History.
It was an honor for all there to show their affection & esteem for two of the greastest heroes of Confederate History, Robert Edward Lee & Thomas "Stonewall" Jackson. 
Our thanks to Stars and Bars Chapter 2073 for hosting this event and to all those who attended.

New members (June 2007)
Admiral Raphael Semmes SCV Camp 1321 would like to welcome Robert Bennett & John Nichols as new members of the camp. We are also happy to have Gary Stevens as an associate member.

Camp Meeting
The next Adm. Raphael Semmes camp meeting will be Sunday July 15th at 2 p.m. in Oxford MI.

Camp Meeting
The next Adm. Semmes Camp meeting is scheduled for Sunday March 18 at 2 p.m.
The meeting will be held in Waterford MI.
Please contact a camp officer for any further information.

Recommended reading for those interested in learning the TRUE history of The War for Southern Independence:
The Illustrated Confederate Reader
By Rod Gragg
This book, as the front cover proclaims, is a collection of photographs, personal experiences, and eyewitness accounts by southern soldiers and civilians  that covers just about every aspect of the War Between The States.
This book is is rated as "Highly Recommended" by the Confederate Veteran magazine and it is the winner of the Douglas Southall Freeman Award.
Confederate Veteran  magazine subscriptions
Non-members of The Sons Of Confederate Veterans, can subscribe to the official magazine of the organization.
Confederate Veteran is published six times per year and the annual subscription price is $26.00.
Anyone wishing to subscribe may send their request to:
Confederate Veteran
P.O. Box 59
Columbia TN.
Please enclose check for $26.00 made payable to Confederate Veteran.

Lee- Jackson Dinner
On Friday January 19th 2007, The Admiral Raphael Semmes Camp, hosted a birthday celebration dinner to commemorate the birthday's of General Robert E. Lee & General Thomas J. "Stonewall" Jackson.
It was a great privledge to honor these two devoutly Christian men, for not only their great generalship, but for their dedication,  & unwavering loyalty to their State and Country.
The dinner was well attended by camp members, family, and guests.

First Lt. Commander appointed
Compatriot Darron Williams of South Lyon, MI. has been appointed to the office of 1st Lt. Commander of Camp 1321.
In addition to performing the duties of camp commander in his absence, Lt. Commander Williams is assisting with member recruitment and retention, and in general camp planning.
He is also serving as camp webmaster.
Lt. Commander Williams can be contacted at the following email address: 

Death Of Charter Member
Camp 1321 officials were saddened to learn of the death of Life Member James A. Herrington.
Compatriot Herrington transferred into our camp in February of 1991 from the now-defunct Camp #1448 (Lansing, MI).
He was known in the power-boat racing community, and was the owner of the power-racing skiff 'Such Crust II'.
Although he had moved from the Metro Detroit area to Marcos Island Florida, where he passed away, Compatriot Herrington remained a loyal member of this camp until his death. He will be missed.

Admiral Raphael Semmes