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History Of Admiral Raphael Semmes Camp 1321; Sons Of Confederate Veterans.

Admiral Raphael Semmes Camp 1321 was organized by Commander Jerry E. Moore, of Dearborn Michigan, after he attended the 1974 National Reunion of the Sons Of Confederate Veterans.
The camp received its charter on 14 August 1975, with eighteen charter members. Among the charter members were two Real Sons, both with connections to Admiral Raphael Semmes.
The first was S. Prewitt Semmes, grandson of Admiral Semmes, and son of Confederate Captain Samuel Spencer Semmes. It was Compatriot Semmes, in a letter dated 2 November 1974, who gave Commander Moore permission to name the camp after Admiral Semmes. Compatriot Semmes was elected Commander Emeritus of the camp at its first meeting. He passed away on 5 Sept. 1981. 
The second Real Son was Walter T. McCoy, son of Confederate Marine Corp. Private Michael W. McCoy. Private McCoy was a member of the Marine Guard detachment that served aboard the C.S.S Sumter, the Confederate crusier commanded by Admiral Semmes. Compatriot Walter McCoy died on 11 November 1979 at the age of 86.
The camp was lead by Commander Jerry Moore until his untimely death death at age 69 on 19 April 1976. Afterward, it was lead by numerous commanders, most notably, Culver E. McCoy, son of Real Son Walter McCoy, until it went inactive in late 1982. The camp was reactivated by Commander Stanley T. White in early 1989. 
Some accomplishments of Camp 1321 are as follows:
1. Donated $1000.00 to Elm Springs, the headquarters of the Sons Of Confederate Veterans.
2. Mounted a Confederate Color Guard at the Memorial Day service in the Confederate Officer's Cemetery for ten years.
3. Donated over fifty books to various organizations and libraries, including the Museum Of The Confederacy in Richmond Virginia.
4. Instrumental in having the statue, that stands in the Confederate Officers Cemetery on Johnson's Island Ohio, repaired by the V.A.
5. Instrumental in the renovation of the President Jefferson Davis gravesite in Hollywood Cemetery, Richmond Virginia.
6. Placed headstones on the graves in the Confederate Section, Springhill Cemetery, Charleston West Virginia.
7. Maintained a SCV recruitment and Confederate History tent at numerous reenactment events, including Jackson MI. & Greenfield Village, Dearborn MI.
8. Camp members participated in numerous ceremonies and events honoring Confederate soldiers and sailors. These included the dedication of the Confederate monument in the Crown Hill Cemetery, Indianapolis Indiana, the rededication of the Confederate monument in the Oakwood Cemetery, Chicago Illinois, and memorial services in the Camp Chase Cemetery, Columbus Ohio.

Admiral Raphael Semmes