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Camp Library Books
Army of Tennessee
The Army of Tennessee  Stanley F. Horn
Army of the Heartland - The Army of Tennessee 1861-1862  Thomas L. Connelly
Civil War in Tennessee  Steve Cottrell
Civil War Tennessee  Thomas L. Conelly
Confederate Military History of Tennessee  James D. Porter
The Confederate Ninth Tennessee Infantry  James R. Fleming
Soldiering in the Army of Tennessee - A Portrait of Life in a Confederate Army  Larry J. Daniel 
Tennessee's Forgotten Warriors - Frank Cheatham and his Confederate Division  Christopher Lossen
Five Tragic Hours - The Battle of Franklin  Thomas L. Connelly and James L. McDonough
Shiloh - The Battle That Changed the Civil War  Larry J. Daniel
Shiloh - in Hell before Night  James L. McDonough
Jefferson Davis - American Patriot  Hudson Strode
Jefferson Davis - Confederate President  Hudson Strode
Joseph E. Johnston - A Civil War Biography  Craig L. Symonds 
Lee ( an abridgement of the four volume set  R. E. Lee)  Douglas Southall Freeman
Robert E. Lee  Jefferson Davis & Alexander Stevens
Yankee Quaker - Confederate General - The Career of Bushrod Rust Johnson  Charles M. Cummings   
Co. "Aytch" - First Tennessee Regiment - Or a Side Show of the Big Show  Sam R. Watkins
The Life of Johnny Reb - The Common Soldier of the Confederacy  Bell Irvin Wiley 
The Civil War - A Narrative - Volume 1 - Fort Sumter to Perryville  Shelby Foote
The Civil War - A Narrative - Volume 2 - Fredricksburg to Meridian  Shelby Foote
The Civil War - A Narrative - Volume 3 - Red River to Appomattox  Shelby Foote
Tracing Your Civil War Ancestor  Bertram Hawthorne Groene