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Camp Members

Adm. Raphael Semmes SCV Camp 1321

Adm. Raphael Semmes
Camp Members
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Darron Williams - Camp Commander - Life Member
George Calder - 1st Lt. Commander - Life Member
Jonathan McCleese - 2nd Lt. Commander - Life Member
Frank Peters - Camp Adjutant
James E. Abercrombie
Constantine Belisarius - Life Member
Jacob Belt
Robert D. Bennett
William Chambless - Life Member
Kirk Chidester
John H. Daly III - Life Member
Samuel Duvall
William Duvall
Robert Esler
Adam Gaines - Life Member
Ralph Hartsoe Jr.
Ralph Hartsoe III
Ralph Hartsoe IV
Anthony Johnson
Z. Martin Welch
Ray B. Maynard
Ian T. McClive
O. James Mcleese
Montie Ocha - Life Member
John Peterman
Steven Panther
Gary R. Pike
Danny Slater
Gary Stevens - Life Member
Gerald Wall
Towery T. Watson
Towery W. Watson
Stanley White - Life Member
Jeff Windsor - Life Member